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You Reap What You Sow: Why You Should Study

It's something that everyone has heard, but a lot of people don't listen to: You need to study. Studying is important, no matter what level of education you are pursuing. From grammar to grad school, hitting the books is something that needs to be done, or you can find yourself with failing grades. Don't believe it? Look at what studying can offer, and what you'll reap if you don't.


Cramming Doesn't Work

College students, in particular, are famous for late-night cramming sessions the night before a big test. Sitting up all night guzzling coffee while desperately trying to memorize information simply doesn't work, and science backs that up. Instead, all that you'll do is parrot back a portion of the information without understanding it… if you don't just sleep through the exam instead. Replace the idea of cramming with a regular study session, starting well before any big test to give yourself time to really learn the material.



Find Your Academic Interests

Education will always be boring if you aren't able to find the topics that really hold your attention. But they won't simply fall into your lap, you'll need to actively search them out. Studying is a great way to do that. History might seem dry and boring until you stumble upon a period that really piques your interest. Or you might detest algebra, but really enjoy geometry. You won't know if you don't study.


Do Quality Work

Many that don't study well try to cheat their way to a good grade, but in the days of the plagiarism checker tool (including free online plagiarism checker with percentage readings where a free online tool shows exactly how much someone has stolen), teachers can perform a simple plagiarism check and nip that in the bud. Academic dishonesty frequently has consequences catastrophic to your education, so avoid that by doing your own quality work. And studying will get you there while avoiding the free online plagiarism checker tool.


Learn Your Own Way

Everyone has a different learning style. However, if you don't have a private tutor, you're not likely to always have things presented in your preferred way in class. But, when you study, you can learn your own way! This can make it possible to learn things that simply didn't make sense before. Many people that don't study get lost simply because an instructor presented the lesson in a way they didn't understand, and now they do not want to spend their own time learning it.


Form the Habit

Studying is a habit. And, like all habits, you have to work to make it a routine. Laziness will only lead to you finding studying to be tortuous; once you build the habit, it will simply be another part of your day. You might even begin to enjoy your study sessions. Schedule them at the beginning, if not all the way through your educational career to make sure that you're following up with the schedule you set.



Possibly Earn More

To get to college, you need to have at least passable grades. To be enrolled in some of the best universities, you need a lot more than that. The loftier your goals, the more you'll have to work to achieve them. But, the more education you have, the more your earning potential goes up. To increase it later, hit the books today.


The Main Punishment for Indifference to Your Education

We've seen why you should study, but what will happen if you don't? Well, put simply, you'll face punishment. No, not punishment enforced by your school (though if you get caught by the plagiarism checker, you face that, as well), but from the natural course of your actions. You will lose opportunities that you might have had, as well as any rewards you might have received. In short, the main penalty for this indifference will be that you will not succeed in life as much as you would if you had studied.

There is a plethora of reasons to hit the books, and just as many punishments await those who don't. Studying today will bring success tomorrow while laziness will only breed more laziness. In academia, you truly do reap what you sow.