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3 Things Future Students Should Know about Student Life

Going to college is something that a majority of high school students look forward to. What they do not know is that college life can mark the beginning of their success or failure in life. This is where many learners build their careers, and others end up in destructive behaviors like drug and alcohol abuse. So, how do you ensure that you control your student life and do not engage in destructive behaviors?

First, concentrate on what took you to college. Keep being engaged in extra curriculum activities, spend a lot of time learning and writing an essay per day, and review your courses. If you are finding it hard to write an essay, seek examples from companies that provide free essays online for students. Having a free paper can help you understand writing a similar one. Here are 3 other things future students should know about students live.

Картинки по запросу college


  1.   Make your own healthy choices

As a high school teen, you lived in your parent’s house. They had in place some rules for their kids. Probably you were supposed to be home by 6 p.m and complete your homework and other topics related to studying before engaging in other activities with your friends. Your parents constantly reminded you about your laundry, and they did not allow a friend of the opposite sex in your bedroom.

To the majority of teenagers, going to college marks the beginning of their freedom. They no longer submit to their parent’s “unrealistic” demands or give an account of their lives to anyone. But they should take note that the moment they will get to college, this will mark the beginning of responsibility. They will be responsible for every decision they will make. But if they are wise, they will make good decisions. At times, they will make the wrong decisions, but they should use them as a learning experience.


  1.   Sharpen your communication skills

Communication skill is definitely one of the most important skills kids will ever learn in school or life. This is one of the skills they need to have if their college’s life will be easier. It may be a little intimidating speaking to your professor. But bear in mind that he is also human. Advising students is his job, but he cannot read minds.

Your professor will never know it when someone has a problem unless they share it with him. You should listen to him on the first day of lecture to understand his preferred communication method. The good idea is to speak to your professor during office hours. You will find also find this skill necessary when bonding with other learners. Good communication skills can help you get contacts that can prove helpful when finding a job later in life.


  1.   Money management tips as a student

One of the most important skills learners need to have is the ability to manage money. This is a very important topic to be considered. There is a joke that is told that at the beginning of the semester, the majority of learners eat chicken. By the end of the first month, they eat chicken products such as eggs. By the last month of the semester, they are feeding on chicken foods such as grain. The last part of a sentence shows us the harsh reality students have to deal with. This anecdote is a sign of the inability of the teens to budget their money well.


Картинки по запросу college


If they don’t want to suffer financially before the semester ends, they should establish good habits early enough. Determine what to spend on the necessities versus what they should spend every semester and set some guidelines for yourself. While eating at the fast food restaurants may be tempting, have strict guidelines for yourself. Eat at the student’s dining halls as this is something you will be paying for.

  • Some other tips that can help learners to save money in college include:
  •        Keeping an eye on supermarket offers
  •        Using student’s cards
  •        Living with others and splitting rent
  •        Walking or using public transport
  •        Cooking your meals
  •        Doing away with vices such as drinking and smoking
  •        Skipping expensive summer trips

Certainly, there are much more such examples, and if you think deeply about ways of saving money, you can create your own ones. When you know of the above things, you will be able to avoid some challenges that learners face when in college.